About Us

For as long as I can remember, I have wished my nation to progrees to the same level as the most advanced nations of the world.

Despite the most incredible changes that have taken place throughout the world and within country I believe the past is most meaningful to us for it shows us which path to take for the future.

Commerce is a diverse channllanging pursuit which requires a different and creative approach to overcome the problems one encounters. Now, as in the past, it is a matter of considerable importance to ascertain with correctness what are the fundamental ingredients needed to succeed.

Whilst fierce competition in the global lubricants market makes such a task increasignly difficult. I look confidently to the future, assured by the capabilities that are available within AMCO. With the vision and enthusiasm which has brought us this far I cna see more exciting times ahead.

Our custoners are our most important asset so I believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we always meet the high standards which they set. With this as our philosophy AMCO has withstood the test of time.

Khalfan Mubarak Al Huwairib